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Wading Through The Frustration of Microsoft Work And Personal Accounts – Part 1

Qualified Not For Profits can receive Office 365 Nonprofit E1 or Office 365 Nonprofit Business Essentials as a donation from Microsoft so earlier this year I decided to move Better Blokes from email hosting at http://domains.live.com/ access via outlook.com. As Better Blokes is a Not For Profit I originally chose domains.live as it was free and I could share it OneDrive access from my personal account along with use of Microsoft Office 201X.

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Changes to custom domains with Outlook.com

Outlook.com no longer offers support for custom domain management. New customers looking to manage custom domains are encouraged to use Office 365, Microsoft’s premium online service, which also includes enterprise-class email, collaboration and communication tools.

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If you previously used custom domains with Outlook.com, we still support the ability to log in to Outlook.com with your existing custom domain email address, but admins can no longer manage accounts in the domain. These accounts are still able to send and receive email, and you don’t need to make any changes. To access an account, please log in via Outlook.com.

This was not a satisfactory solution but it served for several years. Eventually the email hosting would need to be moved but my concern was how the existing emails would be moved across. Via Tech Soup registration Office 365 for NFP became an option. Moving wasn’t straight forward but all the existing emails moved across and the essential functions OneDrive & OneNote are working.

There is an ongoing problem caused by Microsoft having two accounts – a personal account and a work account. This problem was evident with my personal account prior to the move and precipitated the implementation of a new solution. I spent a couple of weeks limping along trying to get access to my email, it would be available on one device and not another. In one email application and not another.

Now I have some time I am going to delve more deeply into the issue so that if it becomes a problem in the future it won’t be a problem.

Starting point is this article:


Okay, now for the leap of faith. Start out thinking of Microsoft’s work and personal accounts as completely unrelated credentials for two different companies. Microsoft Work is as different from Microsoft Personal as Google is from Apple. Obviously it’s less intuitive because they’re both run by Microsoft, but when you log in with a Microsoft work or school account, you are connected to completely different services than if you log in with a Microsoft personal account.

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