Tuesday, June 18, 2019
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Installing WordPress and Setting the Theme

GoDaddy offers a number of applications including WordPress that it will install into a hosting account automatically. While I have installed WordPress manually a number of times, and it is a relatively easy task following the simple steps on the WordPress.org website, I make use of the GoDaddy service.

The manual process requires creating a database on the web host, downloading and unzipping the WordPress files, editing the web-config file and then uploading to the host. It can  require change the write permissions on the webhost to allow updates to  WordPress and plugin files. The GoDaddy process ( and similar services are offered by other web hosting companies ) is easy and subsequent updates to WordPress, themes and plugins are one button jobs.

My general approach is to make my job as easy as possible and where possible choose solutions that from established companies that are well tested.

With Kohukohu I am making a photographic image website. I looked at image gallery options on Godaddy and they were all very utilitarian. I have never installed and set up an image gallery application while I have worked with a number of WordPress installations including setting up a wordpress.com website for my images. I decided to stick with WordPress.

After installation I had a look at themes. After looking through a number of photography themes I went back to a theme on the default list: Twenty Fourteen. I have used Twenty Fourteen with my images in the past and as a default theme it is more likely to be updated and therefore maintain compatibility with future versions of WordPress.

My interest is in presenting photographs on line rather than discovering the intricacies of WordPress: I used the easiest solutions that would give me what I wanted.

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