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Adding a Second Website on a GoDaddy Shared Hosting Deluxe Account

I purchased the domain name kohukohu.xyz to setup my personal art photography website. I had been using a wordpress.com site but there is limited choice in WordPress plugins and other features. Kohukohu is a beautiful settlement on the coast of the Hokianga harbour.

I have a GoDaddy Deluxe shared hosting account so added kohukohu.xyz as below.

I find using GoDaddy’s control panel can be a little arduous as it can take numerous steps to do what I want to do or get to where I need to be. I have found that once I do arrive at the correct screen I generally have a lot of control over the settings I need and the help files are very clear.

After logging in I opened the quick links and selected Manage Your Hosting. I had already purchased the domain name kohukohu.xyz the previous day and it was all setup.


GoDaddy has several paths to the screen that we need to set up hosting for kohukohu.xyz . One passes through the CPanel  and clicking on Hosted Domains leads to the screen that finally sets up the web hosting for kohukohu.xyz.


Clicking on the hard to read Add Domains on the right hand corner of the domain table opens up a dialogue box to add the domain name details and the folder details for the new website. Second and subsequent websites sit in sub-folders of the primary domain.


Adding the details is very straightforward. The procedure is the same if the domain name is hosted elsewhere.


The final result:


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